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Tháng Mười Hai
Hội thảo: Gặp gỡ và tư vấn trực tiếp Du học Úc – Canada – Mỹ – Anh với chuyên gia nhiều năm kinh nghiệm tại Hải Phòng
9:00 sáng - 12:00 sáng
Tầng 4, phòng VIP, DG tower, 15 Trần Phú, TP. Hải Phòng

FACE Education Việt Nam trân trọng kính mời Qúy phụ huynh và các bạn học sinh sinh viên tới tham dự Hội thảo: Gặp...

Tháng Bảy
Tìm hiểu về Chương trình “vừa học vừa làm” tại Fanshawe College, Canada cùng ông Junhyun Park đại diện tuyển sinh của trường
3:00 chiều - 4:30 chiều
FACE Education VN

Gặp gỡ ông Junhyun Park đại diện tuyển sinh trường Fanshawe College, Canada để tìm hiểu về Chương trình “vừa học vừa làm” &...

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Bui Thi Hien

January 7th 2015, today one year before, I landed Australia to start my Master course of Economics in James Cook University. To got there, I had to overcome a lot of changelings, particularly IELTS barrier. I do appreciate my English teachers who helped me to achieve 6.0 IELTS to qualified English requirement of JCU. The teacher I appreciate most is John McGrath because if there was not his teachings, I could never got 6.0 IELTS at the end of 2015 to be here. I was trained IELTS for one and half years in RMIT University in Hanoi, they taught me well but IELTS scores just ended up with 5.5. From May to October 2014, I took IELTS test 9 times and my grades just maximized 5.5, particularly, my marks on speaking and writing just got 5.0 or 5.5 for every times. Coming to October 2014, I totally despaired about my IELTS scores and I was going to give up my scholarship as well as doing master of economics at JCU. Fortunately, through a friend, I got a chance to study English with John who work for IELTS Trainers Australia. He carefully point out my weakness and payed attention to improve it. Also, He figured out the strategies for my writing and speaking, how to achieve the best results with my scarcity of English abilities. He focused on every my tiny mistake to correct it, particularly speaking. He trained me detailed tips for writing and carefully edited my essays as well as recommended me tips for upsetting the IELTS examiner. The special point was that his advices came from his understandings about my English weakness, also came from what is the IELTS requirements. He always tried to understand why his students made mistakes, then gave advices to correct the mistakes by themselves. This method is really helpful and effective. I was hardly working with John’s teaching around 1 month. Finally, I got 6.0 for writing and 6.5 for my speaking, qualified the IELTS score to get in James Cook University. When I informed my final results to my classmates and teachers of RMIT, they yelled “unbelievable”. Just was about one month, my IELTS turned from fairly 5.5 to 6.0, it achieved great improvement, could say “surreal achievement”. From my experiences, the important key in IELTS preparation is that we need a good guider who can show us what’s is your weaknesses and how we can eliminate it in the short runs. And under the training of IELTS Trainers Australia, particular John, I achieved my demanded IELTS score even though my English was not good enough to get 6.0 IELTS at that moment. From my story, I do believe that you can obtain your needed IELTS score with the supports of IELTS Trainers Australia.

Amrita Singh Ghotra

Best place to prepare for Ielts training!! The tips and tricks they give for exam preparation are really effective!! Just got my results this weekend so happy!! would recommend to my friend for training!! Thank you IELTS Trainers Australia

Cui Chen

I started working with John about three months ago. I was given a high intensity training on the preparation of IELTS exam. John taught me the strategies for writing, reading and speaking. He also helped me correct and refine my writing. After the tree months training, my writing, reading and speaking have been improved a lot. John is a such great tutor and I would highly recommend his IELTS training course to anyone who would like to score high marks. Thank you so much, John

Peng Sha

Before I started working with John, I did not know what parts of my essay were losing marks. More importantly, it is hard to identify all of the problems and mistakes that you made in your own writing and speaking unless some professionals check and point out for you. Therefore, I really appreciate all of the feedback and comments from John and see my English has been improved. I would strongly recommend training from John to anyone who has problem to enhance their English, particularly in IELTS writing and speaking. Thank you so much, John.

Amrita Singh Ghotra

Best place to prepare for Ielts training!! The tips and tricks they give for exam preparation are really effective!! Just got my results this weekend so happy!! would recommend to my friend for training!! Thank you IELTS Trainers Australia March 6, 2016 ·

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